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Women in Business


There are many opportunities for women in Las Juntas to start businesses through programs, funding, and groups; however, they are very competitive and difficult to receive. The municipality offers specific programs that aim to help women who wish to start a business by going over their ideas and making the woman aware of the steps she needs to take in order to be successful. There are a couple of programs or groups like LIMAS or INAMU. LIMAS helps people who are poor when they show their case/display their need. Then the program follows up to make sure that they are using the money properly with check-ins. INAMU is an institution which promotes the development of Costa Rican women. A program within INAMU called Fomujeres is a competitive annual program that starts with 2,000 women but whittles down to a smaller group depending on funds. These women receive 8,000 mil to 1,000,000 mil in aid that they don’t have to return or payback.

Then the women may go to the bank of development or bank of women to get help with starting their business since they may have trouble without that financial help. The bank works to know each woman’s needs and brings specialized personal attention. They offer products and services so that the women can reach their goals whether they are students, workers, administrators, or entrepreneurs.


Challenges may come from many different directions. The bank and municipality programs are selective and cannot help every woman with a business idea. When the women receive help, the help is limited and may not be enough. These challenges make starting a new business very difficult if the women do not have their own resources. Men do not always take corrections and advice from female trainers at the gym even though the trainer is trying to help him avoid injury. People in the community also talk about the female trainers in a negative way.


Traditionally, women stay home with the children while the men go to work. In Las Juntas, women have adapted in order to balance their professional lives with their personal lives. They may develop two schedules that prioritize aspects of their work and families. This helps their children become more independent, strong thinkers. Other businesses may schedule work hours to coincide with a nearby school’s hours so that the mothers may work while their children learn.


Some tips from successful female business owners and company executives:

  1. Stay positive and have a good attitude
  2. Stay organized
  3. Work hard
  4. You won’t be successful right away
  5. Persevere and don’t give up