As a tourist, my cell phone is a critical piece of home that I always bring. However, getting service in a foreign country is difficult and expensive. The two main cellular networks in Las Juntas are Movistar and Kolbi, these service providers are usually fast and have decent coverage. Tourists search cities they travel to in hopes of finding free Wi-Fi, which either means that they spend most of their time in wireless cafés or their hotel. By doing this, it does not allow tourists to become immersed in their vacation. 

The town of Las Juntas does not have wireless cafés, but most restaurants do offer free wifi, but there is one catch, the customer must ask for the password in Spanish, by doing this it creates a small social interaction. Tourists in need of Wi-Fi would use the wireless connection in the restaurants, but they will also buy food and drinks which would help increase the restaurants’ revenue. Some Wi-Fi can only support a certain amount of users, and the more users there are, the slower the Wi-Fi connection becomes. There is just enough access to wireless service in Las Juntas not to feel stranded and to have the ability to contact other people. The lack of service, allows you to engage in the hospitality, spirituality, and integrity that is Las Juntas. Instead of making connections online, you can meet new people and impact their lives. The small city of Las Juntas allows you to know most of the town, most people who work in Las Juntas live there, so you see them often.

Eating breakfast and enjoying each others company without technology distracting us, other than using it to capture this moment.