Los Mangos

Located directly off Route 145 on the corner of Calle Central, this restaurant is impossible to miss. Not only is Los Mangos conveniently located, their food is also some of the best in Las Juntas. When driving through to Monteverde, Los Mangos is a go to spot for many tourists and travelers looking to take a break and enjoy some good food and service. Los mangos has been open for over 50 years, and have had the same owner for 20 years. They receive fresh meats daily and fresh fish weekly from the gulf of Nicoya which is only 40 miles away. Los Mangos’ focus is on quality food and hospitality to its customers. They take credit cards which is also a nice convenience factor, particularly for tourists. Los Mangos is also becoming more sustainable, and within the next two years will be adding over 50,000 dollars worth of solar panels. This is be enough energy to power all the lighting, fans, and refrigerators. They are also trying to reduce the amount of single use plastics they have in the store like straws. If your looking for a place to stop on your way to Monteverde, and convenience is what your looking for, Los mangos needs to be your next stop.

Resturaunte La 35

Located centrally in Las Juntas Resturaunte la 35 provides both an excellent environment for conversation as well as some impressive food.  The owner prides herself on the cleanliness of the resturaunt, so rest assured you will not encounter any off-putting smells or see dirty tabletops. The food in this establishment resembles classic Costa Rican dishes with extra flare that entices the taste buds and allows for a present eating experience. They buy Fish, Meats, and vegetables daily so rest assured the food is as fresh as it gets. The presentation of the food is incomparable to any other restaurant in Las Juntas, they clearly put in effort to make the dishes they serve appealing to the eye. Some of the fan favorites here include Arroz con Camarones. Additionally this restaurant has options for those who are both vegetarian and gluten free. Resturaunte 35 is owned by Delia, who has now owned the business for a year. She is an extremely nice host who is enjoys the companies of locals and foreigners alike. If your stopping by Las Juntas and want an incredible meal with excellent service this is a must. If you have a good experience and would like to show your thanks, you can click the link to their Facebook page where you can write a review.

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Jeriel Panderia Y Reposteria

If your not looking for a restaurant and just want something small to eat like a pastry and a coffee then Jeriel is the place to go in Las Juntas. The owner Carlos is extremely nice,  is always willing to have  a conversation with anyone, and loves talking with tourists. Jeriel has been open for over 10 years, and they offer 7 different types of pasteries, each of which has several different fillings such as fruit fillings, chocolate fillings and Dolce de Leche fillings. Some of the favorites are the cones with dolce de leche filling, their cookies, and their cakes. they make their pasterys fresh every day, and there is typically one employee in the bakery at a time, and they are all sweet just like their pastries. Jeriel can be found on Calle Central between avenida 1 and avenida 3. If your driving through Las Juntas and your craving something sweet and light, stop by Jeriel and you will not be disappointed.