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Our Objective

This website was created by a driven group of Muhlenberg College students applying classroom knowledge to international research in Las Juntas, Costa Rica. Our focus is to attract tourists to the town of Las Juntas to provide them with more capital thereby stimulating the economy. The people of Las Juntas have created a fantastic, close knit community that is waiting to share their hospitality and exciting experiences with the rest of the world. Our objective was to communicate with local business owners and citizens to get their input on the status of their economy, hear their opinions about ecotourism, technology, women in business and local restaurants to see if there were any gaps that they are looking to fill. We hope that through this website, the town of Las Juntas will receive the kind of attention it deserves from tourists and therefore stimulate their economy.

The significance of Las Juntas

Las Juntas is most notorious for its lucrative gold mining. Additionally, Las Juntas played an instrumental role in the advancement of technology in the form of electricity for the nation. It’s advanced knowledge and technology provided San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, with the necessary tools to create an efficient electrical system. In today’s society, San Jose is a thriving metropolis, constantly filled with tourists, whereas Las Juntas is not as lucky. The community of Las Juntas is equipped with many restaurants, shops, grocery and technology stores and many residents. However, what they lack is revenue from tourism, making it difficult for the small mom-and-pop businesses to expand.



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